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Cold Storage Horizontal Sliding Doors

Industrial horizontal sliding cold storage doors

The Kavidoors industrial horizontal cold storage sliding doors is specially designed and suitable for interior and exterior applications in coolers (32 ºF), freezing (-4º F), freezing tunnels (-40 ºF) and food processing facilities. Ideal for negative temperature controlled environments such food & beverages industries, pharmaceutical & biotechnology and cold storage facilities.

Sliding cold storage doors control temps in storage & distribution

Single Horizontal sliding freezer doors manually operated door is used for personnel and material handling traffic where space restricts the use of swing doors or when installation space is only available on one side of the door opening.

Security and trust

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Features and advantages of Kavidoors Industrial sliding door

Sliding door Kavidoors
Anti fall guidance system
Anti-fall guidance system, patented by Kavidoors.

No wood

Our standard door panels and face frames are woodless.
To address these hygienic and safety concerns, our sliding doors feature an internal aluminum structure coupled with steel corner brackets and mounting plates providing unprecedented strength and a hygienic wood-free door

Anti-fall Guidance system

Unique design advantages balance security, hygiene, style and performance in a package that can sustain years of use under the toughest conditions.

Telescopic frame with front thermal bridge break

Innovative system of telescopic frame and false frame 1,6″ to adapt the door to all types of walls and thickness. Made of anodized aluminum of 20 microns, has double thermal break at the front which is more efficient. To install the frame, it is only necessary to open the clear passage width plus 1,18″ perimeter, while competitors will need 1,97″.

Telescopic frame kavidoors
door handle for cold storage door

Door handle (STUV Advance Model)

External handle with reinforced steel base superimposed on the blade with fixation by threaded inserts.

Stainless steel inner handle with polyethylene lever piece and stop for cast iron handle, fixed to inner reinforcement with threaded inserts.

Sheet with a Sanitary Design

Made of folded steel sheet with no molding perimeter or welding, double fold ending sideways (better mechanical resistance and cleaning) and semi embedded in the frame.

  • Optional: Steel Sheet with PET55 µ ( polyethylene film of 55 microns ).
  • Excellent behavior in agressive enviroments.
  • Tested in IANESCO Laboratory . Food grade.
  • Possible guarantee 10 years arcelor mittal.
Sheet kavidoors


Coextrusion system with double lip with housing and pressure fixing arrow type for easy replacement.

  • Resistant to low temperatures, abrasion and cuts.
  • Easy repair.
  • Suitable food use.

More features of the horizontal sliding refrigerated doors

Energetic Efficiency

Kavidoors industrial sliding doors are the only ones with tests to evaluate coefficients of thermal transmittance and tightness.

Kavidoors doors have less electrical consumption and on, plus they do not originate humidity and condensation .
Test made by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Spanish Agency AECTIR for infrared thermographics .

Insulation core of PIR foam

Nominal thickness sheet for chilled rooms 80mm/ freezing rooms 100 mm.
Excellent behavior against fire and high insulation capacity that improves significantly the properties of traditional PUR foams.
PIR foam does not absorb water so keeps the insulating capacity unaffected . On plus it is highly resistant to chemical agents , does not allow molds and bacteria growth inside.

Panel Structure

Aluminum clad panels are built to size, using an extruded aluminum inner frame and reinforced in the corners with a steel bracket and behind all hardware. 24 ga. white painted aluminum is standard for added corrosion resistance. The metal-wrapped door is then injected with closed cell polyurethane foam for maximum thermal performance and strength.

Floor Guide

Kavidoors floor guide is our standard trailing edge guidance system. Made in plastic it is robust, clean and corrosion proof. The design is low profile and as most of the guide is underneath the door panel, a trip hazard has been eliminated.

Technical characteristics

We have two models of horizontal sliding door for cold storage: sliding commercial door and industrial sliding doors. The installation of the latter is recommended in cold rooms and access places where large doors or overhead passages are required. While the commercial door is perfect for any type of camera located in shops.

These sliding refrigerated doors have an anti-roll-anti-fall system of the leaf, thanks to its double guiding patented by Kavidoors, thus complying with the CE Marking, which establishes the minimum requirements related to product safety regarding the prevention of occupational risks of accidents.

It is supplied with a wide range of coatings to guarantee maximum durability, also in aggressive environments, and in a wide variety of RAL colors.

Frezzer door: Freezer swing door, door to be filled with 4” of polyurethane PIR with FM Certification. They are ideal for rooms with temperatures below 10F or temperature differences of 90F. This is due to the application of a heating resistor that prevents the formation of ice on both the frame and gasket.

Advantages sliding doors
for cold storage

Advantages swing door for cold storage

These are some of the advantages of Kavidoors sliding refrigerated doors:

  • Corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments depending on the finish.
  • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance. Pre-assembled door.
  • High tightness and durability.
  • Convenient access to the guide during installation, adjustment or repair.
  • Adaptable to any thickness and market.
  • Suitable for contact with food.
  • Strong and durable mechanical elements.
  • Optimal functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities.
  • Precision adjustment with 4 points.
  • It does not require auxiliary structure.
  • Self-supporting frame adaptable to any thickness.
  • PE bearings.
  • Materials in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

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