Self repairing high speed doors

Swift Efficiency Unleashed with Self-Repairing High-Speed Doors

Self repairing high speed doors

Kavidoors self-repairing high-speed doors provide a solution to the partitioning of work areas, both indoors and outdoors, with high traffic of people and vehicles with the need for quick opening and closing maneuvers.

Thanks to its self-healing function, if it receives an impact, the canvas comes off the guides without suffering any damage and then reverts to its original position to continue working normally minimizing potential damage and enhancing safety.

No frost

Energy cost reduction






176ºF to 41ºF


– Drum cover: Stain steel.
– Shafts: Anodized aluminum SS finished.
– PVC curtain.


460 V and 220 V.
Three-phase connection.


W: 55 to 157″
H: 94 to 187″

Lead time:

Fastest in the market.


1 year.

Specifications refrigerated doors

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Kavidoors’ self-repairing high-speed doors features

Unmatched Safety

Our foremost priority is providing a secure environment for all. Even if all electronic safety devices fail or are overlooked, our doors are designed to collapse harmlessly, preventing injuries.

High Speed

Kavidoors’ high-speed fabric designs offer rapid opening speeds of up to 40 In/s for most sizes, ensuring fast and efficient operations without compromising on safety.

Self-Repairing Feature

Our Kavidoors self-repairing doors are designed with a unique reset notch on the top of the opening, allowing the door to reset itself after any impact without needing manual intervention.

Experience the future of high-performance fabric doors with our self-repairing high-speed doors. Uninterruptible power supply single phase 1200w (UPS).

Choose to customize it:
White coating of the structure, your company logo, the position of the motor, activation systems, full stain steel structure, additional or custom-made PVC window.


  • Fast standard opening speeds up to 40 In/s for most sizes.
  • Safe with a soft bottom edge as standard, unlike rigid bottom edges of most manufacturers.
  • Automatically resets for most hits due to the track reset notch positioned at the top of the opening.
  • Use of materials not requiring lubricated tracks.
  • High durability and resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance.


Structure high speed doors


  • Made with anodized aluminum and stainless steel lintel.
  • Wall-to-floor fixings in stainless steel.
  • Hidden cable system.


  • Photocell barrier IP67 2000H or 2500H transmitter-receiver.
  • Interior/exterior emergency button panel.
  • It does not require a safety switch.
Fabric material high speed doors


PVC-Nylon interlocking curtain 1/8” thick and 3,2 oz/ft2.


We have four standardized RAL colors (blue, gray, white, and red) to meet the needs of each client. Feel free to ask us.


Power operation high speed doors

Power operation:

– UL listed. Control box.
– Adjustable supply voltages: 230/460/575 V.
– Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz.
– Max output power of the door drive unit: 5.5 kW.
– Max rated motor current: 20 A.
– External mains supply: 24 V DC / 0.5 A.
– Inputs: 24 V DC / 0.1 A.
– Relay contacts: 24 V DC / 1 A each.
– Permissible temperature range: 14 to 104 ºF.
– Humidity during operation: max 93% (non-condensing)

Motor high speed doors


– Elektromaten supplier.
– Supply voltage 3×230/400 VAC+PE, 05 CV, 160 rpm, IP54.
– Electronic limit switches or encoders.
– Low noise level gears.
– Opening and closing speed: 1 m/s.

Opening systems

opening option button


opening option button


opening option button

Magnetic Field

opening option button


opening option button


opening option button

Remote Control

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