Industrial cold storage doors

Revolutionize your Cold Storage:
High-quality cold storage doors for industrial walk-in coolers and freezers

Our industrial doors for cold rooms

Industrial hinged door for cold storage

Hinged cold storage doors

Kavidoors offers insulated doors for cold rooms designed for precise environmental control. Our doors are custom-made to suit new installations or replacements, and we offer a wide range of hardware choices to meet your specific requirements.

Horizontal sliding door for cold storage

Sliding cold storage doors

Our industrial doors for cold storage are perfect for interior and exterior applications. They are perfect for use in coolers (32ºF), freezers (4ºF), and blast freezer tunnels (40ºF). These insulated doors are ideal for temperature-controlled environments used in almost all the industries.

High speed doors for cold storage

High-speed cold storage doors

Kavidoors offers durable cold storage and freezer doors with R-value and high-speed operation. The flexible curtain design ensures safety for personnel and equipment, while the break-away system adds an extra layer of security. Choose Kavidoors for reliable and efficient solutions.

Advantages of Kavidoors industrial cold storage doors

Precise temperature control

Manufacturers of industrial cold storage doors

As trusted cold room doors manufacturers and suppliers, Kavidoors ensure that their products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, making them an excellent choice for industrial cold storage applications.

High-quality industrial cold storage doors

Kavidoors manufactures industrial cold storage doors using premium materials, guaranteeing remarkable durability to endure heavy usage and demanding conditions effectively.

Precise temperature control

The combination of high-speed operation and tight sealing R-value, ensures superior insulation and temperature control in cold storage environments, maintaining the desired cold storage conditions. This precise control contributes to significant energy savings.

Superior insulation

Kavidoors are equipped with sophisticated cellular insulation that effectively prevents the build-up of frost and ice. This insulation technology helps maintain consistent temperature levels and enhances the overall performance of the cold storage doors.

Resistance cold storage doors
Precise temperature control

Reliable motor system

Powered by a motor driven by a frequency converter, Kavidoors’ cold storage and freezer doors are exceptionally reliable. This advanced motor technology ensures smooth and consistent operation, minimizing move time and maintenance needs.

Extended motor lifespan

Kavidoors incorporate soft starts and stops in their motor operation, which significantly increases the motor’s longevity. This design element contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the cold storage doors.

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