Food & Beverage

Industrial food processing doors

Food industries depend on providing a complete range of automatic entrances for convenient and secure access insulate doors to ensure food safety and energy efficiency, safeguarding valuable assets.

Fast-opening doors optimize delivery processes and prevent customer loss, stock damage, and downtime, ensuring smooth operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage the cold chain. 
  • Keep people and equipment safe.
  • Reduce contamination.
  • Minimize downtime and cost.
  • Comply with food safety requirements.
  • Conserve energy.
Cold storage doors swinging door


Discover Kavidoors’ customizable environmental control solutions for coolers or freezers.

Cold storage sliding horizontal door


Kavidoors’ industrial doors for cold storage guarantee durability, safety, and versatility.

High speed refrigerated doors


Energy-saving high-speed refrigerated doors for optimal temperature control.

High-speed freezer doors


Save energy with our high-speed freezer doors, ensuring optimal temperature control.

Self repairing high speed doors


Our high-speed doors, equipped with self-repairing technology, and enhance energy savings.

High-speed double fabric door


Boost productivity and conserve energy with Kavidoors’ high-speed fabric doors, providing safety and efficiency.

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