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High speed refrigerated doors

Canvas high speed roll up freezer doors

Kavidoors single canvas rapid freezer doors are specially designed as a solution to limit condensation in refrigerated rooms with a high load
of humidity
and its access.
Use for refrigerated rooms for chiller rooms (+32 ºF) and freezer rooms (0 °F). Withstands temperatures down to -5 ºF. Self-healing function.

Technical specifications

Categories: High speed doors.
Aplication: Temperature (32ºF to 0ºF).
Materials: Stainless steel – 20 micron anodized aluminum, PVC canvas.
Voltage: 24 V, 50Hz. Three-phase connection.
Manufacturing time: 2 weeks.

advantages sliding door for cold storage

Advantages high speed
freezer doors

  • No Frost system. Prevents the forming of ice.
  • Energy cost reduction. Economic savings.
  • High insulation.
  • Minimum temperature loss when opening the door.


  • White lacquer.
  • High speed door with integrated air curtain.
  • Opening timer
  • Door with all components in 304 stainless steel.


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Opening options

Opening high speed doors kavidoors

Sales arguments


Guides of anodized aluminum with gaskets of
polyethylene for superior insulation.

Stainless steel lintel with a dynamic lintel system to
adapt to the canvas and thus avoid the passage of air
and loss of temperature
. Support console and fixings.

High speed refrigerated doors
Canvas high speed refrigerated doors


Canvas without sight glass of 5 mm (1/2”) with thermal
transmittance of 3.3 W/m2K. Double heating system in
guides, motor and canvas to prevent the forming of ice

in freezing chambers. The canvas and motor withstand
temperatures down to -5ºF.

Power operation

  • UL listed. Control box.
  • Adjustable supply voltages: 230/460/575 V.
  • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Max output power of the door drive unit: 5.5 kW.
  • Max rated motor current: 20 A.
  • External mains supply: 24 V DC / 0.5 A.
  • Inputs: 24 V DC / 0.1 A.
  • Relay contacts: 24 V DC / 1 A each.
  • Permissible temperature range: 14… 104 Fº.
  • Humidity during operation: max 93% ( non-condensing)
Power operation high speed door
Motor high speed doors


  • Elektromaten.
  • 3×380/400 VAC+N+PE, 90 rpm motor.
  • IP65 protection.
  • Power: 0.55 KW.
  • The speed of the door depends on the dimensions.
  • Temperature control integrated in the connection plate.
  • 60 N/m.
  • Thermal sensor: -100 ºF.


The door has an emergency switch inside, adapted to low temperatures, and outside. For freezer rooms, the door has a transmitter receiver photocell incorporated in
the guide
 so that the condensation does not cause false
positives. Availability of photocell system in the lintel for anti-crushing safety with return. SOFT EDGE lower
profile canvas.

safety high speed door for cold store

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