High-Performance Sliding cooler Doors

Sliding cooler doors

Kavidoors offers top-quality insulated sliding cooler doors, ideal for new installations or replacements, and tailor-made to your needs. Engineered for precise environmental control and enhanced by our patented double guiding system, these doors provide superior safety, compliance, and minimized accident risk.

Their innovative aluminum structure ensures unparalleled strength and hygiene, while the wood-free design enhances durability. These factors make our sliding cooler doors an unbeatable choice for your cooling requirements.


Easy to install



Specifications of sliding cooler door



Temperature (32ºF to -40ºF)
(please provide temperatures from the inside and outside of the room and humidity levels)


  • Wall frame: Anodized aluminum.
  • Leaf: Polyurethane insulation.
  • Leaf frame: Anodized aluminum.
  • Handles: Stain steel.


Up to 5’W x 8’H.

Lead time:

Fastest in the market.


1 year.

Specifications sliding cooler doors

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Our products

Sliding manually operated cooler door

The Kavidoors manual single leaf horizontal sliding cooler door, offers robust durability with its aluminum extruded structure and pre-painted steel cladding. Insulated with polyurethane and polystyrene inserts, it provides high thermal efficiency. Its adjustable, reinforced gaskets and corrosion-resistant hardware ensure long-lasting performance in various environments.

Sliding power operated cooler door

Kavidoors’ door leaf features a resilient extruded aluminum structure with a #26 gauge white pre-painted stucco embossed steel coating. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame houses 4″ of PIR foam insulation, providing an R-value of 28 at 40°F. The door is fitted with a low-profile pneumatic reversing edge and polyester-reinforced gaskets. Its corrosion-resistant hardware and automatic opening facilitated by low-voltage pull switches ensure optimal operation, powered at 208, 240, or 480 volt AC, 60 Hertz, in three phases.

Bi-parting horizontal sliding cooler doors

Bi-Parting doors specifications to be same as single leaf cooler doors. Kavidoors’ industrial Bi-parting sliding doors, are space-efficient solutions ideal for large openings. They’re user-friendly, making them operable even by individuals with limited strength. They offer easy access, enhancing operational efficiency in busy areas, and their customizable nature allows for a variety of aesthetic matches.

Advantages of sliding cooler door

  • Corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments, depending on the finish. 
  • Pre-assembled door.
  • Adaptable to any thickness and market.
  • Optimal functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities.
  • It does not require auxiliary structure.
  • PE bearings.
  • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance.
  • High tightness and durability.
  • Suitable for contact with food.
  • Strong and durable mechanical elements.
  • Precision adjustment with 4 points.
  • Self-supporting frame, adaptable to any thickness.
  • Materials in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Components of sliding cold doors

Swinging door components
sliding door anti fall track system

Anti-fall track system:

Unique design advantages balance security, hygiene, style, and performance in a package that can sustain years of use under the toughest conditions.

sliding door telescopic wall frame

Telescopic frame with front thermal bridge break:

Innovative system of the telescopic frame and false frame 1,6″ to adapt the door to all types of walls and thicknesses. Made of anodized aluminum of 20 microns, has a double thermal break at the front which is more efficient. To install the frame, it is only necessary to open the clear passage width plus 1,18″ perimeter, while competitors will need 1,97″.

sliding door handle

Door handle (STUV Advance Model):

External handle with reinforced steel base superimposed on the blade with fixation by threaded inserts. Stainless steel inner handle with polyethylene lever piece and stop for a cast iron handle, fixed to inner reinforcement with threaded inserts.

sliding door weatherstrip


Coextrusion system with double lip with housing and pressure fixing arrow type for easy replacement.

  • Resistant to low temperatures, abrasion and cuts.
  • Easy repair.
  • Suitable for food use.
sliding door sheet

Sheet with a sanitary design:

Made of folded steel sheet with no molding perimeter or welding, double fold ending sideways (better mechanical resistance and cleaning) and semi-embedded in the frame

  • Optional: Steel Sheet with PET55 µ (polyethylene film of 55 microns).
  • Excellent behavior in aggressive environments.
  • Tested in IANESCO Laboratory. Food grade.
  • Possible guarantee 10 years, arcelor mittal.


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